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Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

For an online business to flourish it has to be present on all major platforms that is Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. For twitter it is important to use hashtags for trends, the importance of hashtags according to Kim Garst makes the topic makes it appear when the user searches the term. For example when marketing a commodity on twitter like dresses it makes it easy to market your commodity incase someone searches for the particular item on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Carrying out polls on Twitter, Facebook and telegram. According to Kim Garst polls are a tactic way of engaging with followers. Polls on the other hand can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a service provided or used for research purposes.

It is also important to verify information found on social media. Not that everything posted on social media is legit. For example for big brands like Nike have parody accounts that are not verified so its better to buy shoes from the verified account of Nike.

While online its good to look out for content in form of videos, pictures, audios, some business pages even go ahead on giving you tips on how to use their products. it is important for some one using social media to market their products they need to use audios, videos and tips on how to use the product or on how to access a particular service.

For Twitter it is important to mention as a way to get someone’s attention for example mentioning a few people that could be potential clients for your service or product. Also in addition to mentions it is important to add images to your tweet according to Kim Garst faces have immense pulling power. It is also important to face your followers rather than hiding behind a logo on your profile picture. Your image  will help make a more personal connection and build trust with your followers. or post a video of you talking about your product or service explaining to your buyers. This gives your consumers more confidence to buy your product or service. For example Mona faces on Instagram who is a makeup artist in Uganda, once in a while she posts videos of herself doing her own makeup and explaining. This gives her clients a personal connection with her which increases her clients and improves her social media presence. These are some of the few tactics that one can use to promote their business online for more refer to this article.