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For all you tube lovers out there the statement welcome to my YouTube channel is not new. Vlogging or YouTubing is a new Trend among Ugandans mostly women. One of the popular you tubers we have in Uganda is Patsy Mugabi a life style youtuber . Most socialites in Uganda run YouTube channels where they post about their personal lives also giving an insight of their daily lives to their fans. Some of the socialites with YouTube channels in Uganda include Judith Heard, Mrs. Matovu, Lucy Bunyenzi commonly known as Lucy Smize. They take time to post content on their channels and request people to like, comment and subscribe. YouTube allows these socialites and celebrities to express themselves freely. NOTE: Any body can run and open a YouTube cahannel as long as they can access the internet .

Below is a video of Anthea Ibembe a youtuber from Uganda

Kaitesi Elizabeth reporting about vlogging


In the past decade, global tourism has seen an exponential boost because of the publicity tourism sites have gotten on social media. People are finding that the places they previously assumed were too far out of reach, are now much more accessible at the tap of a button.

According to CNN TRAVEL in 2018 and 2019 Hong Kong was the most visited city in the world followed by Bangkok Thailand.It has become even much easier to find places as people to review places before visiting them so they can know which places to visit and plan beforehand from travel enthusiasts like the one below.

If one is an avid reader, they can read an article on where they want to go. as an alternative, it becomes really easy for someone to search for travel review videos on You tube. There are also travel bloggers who travel around the world and post videos on their YouTube channels with recommendations.

For the visually impaired, one can listen to Sound cloud to hear an audio version of the reviews. You can listen to this one about touring in New York City.